Jason Locy finds peace in the college memories of driving I-81 from Virginia to Pennsylvania to visit his future wife, Heather. During their 16 years of marriage God has blessed them with a few trials and a few successes, all of which he’s used to bring them closer together.

Every night he lies in bed and thanks God for his four incredible children, Ethan, Christian, Naomi, and Eliana. He then rolls over and asks God to keep them all asleep until morning. 

When not wrangling the kids, Jason serves as Creative Director and Principal of FiveStone, an award-winning branding and design firm he founded in 2001. FiveStone strives to move organizations from standard marketing hype to long-term sustainable strategies. The work there has garnered national and international attention.

With his friend Tim, Jason co-authored two books Veneer: Living Deeply in a Surface Society and Home Behind the Sun: Connect with God in the Brilliance of the Everyday. Sometimes Jason speaks on the topics found in those books. Other times Jason is invited to speak on the principles of organizational storytelling or a culture-bending approach to messaging.

Jason lives in Brooklyn, NY where his slow Southern gait often keeps him from making the train.

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