Does material success equal significance? Is our only identity the one we steal from Hollywood? God’s idea of humanity is altogether different from the world’s. There is a way to live that sees beauty in our imperfection and, as Tim and Jason state it, once we realize this we can strip our veneers and live an unveneered life of freedom, honesty, and beauty.


Gabe Lyons

author, The Next Christians

"Bold, intelligent, and convicting. Even as culture rewards our masks, Veneer  urges us to rip them off. The life we ought to live is identified on these pages. Read only if you are ready to shed your façade."


Shauna Niequist

author, Bread & Wine

"When I put down this book, I felt seen, heard, and not crazy. That’s about the highest compliment I can give. Veneer  asked me to look at the truth about myself — consumerism, celebrity gawking, the temptation to give people a curated and manufactured Facebook profile version of myself. And then it reminded me of a better way: deep relationships, intimacy, face-to-face connections, honesty even when it’s ugly. It reminded me how I want to live.


Kevin Palau

president, Luis Palau Association

"Willard and Locy begin to address the questions you’ve only dared to ask in the quietness of your soul. This book will help in the too-often futile search for significance, the significance that shallow success, cheap celebrity, and surface-level acquaintanceships could never provide. Veneer  is timely and powerful, a deeply compelling work that will surely resonate with this generation."



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