Jason Locy

FOUNDEr of Fivestone, author

Jason Locy is the founder of FiveStone, a strategy-led design agency started in 2001. Since its inception, Jason has worked with hundreds of organizations, from startups to two-hundred-year-old institutions, helping them communicate the deeper purpose of their work.

In addition to his work at FiveStone, Jason has co-authored two books on spiritual living as well as his latest book, Culture Bending Narratives: Moving Beyond Story to Create Meaningful Brands.

Jason—along with his wife, their four kids, and a dog—lives in Brooklyn, NY, where his southern gait often keeps him from making the train.

Jason regularly speaks on a handful of topics:

  • Building Purpose into your Organization

  • Culture-Bending Narratives

  • Branding & Storytelling

  • Faith & Work

To invite Jason to speak at your gathering you can contact him here. For the latest writings from Jason follow him on Medium.