Strategy-led design that creates positive impact.


About FiveStone

We believe the person benefiting from our work has a unique perspective in solving the problem. And so, we place them at the center of our process and design solutions that ensure a positive impact for those who need it most.  This perspective radically shifts power from those offering the help to those needing the help. 

Since we started in 2001, FiveStone has designed moments of change for over 230 organizations, social enterprises, and brands. From organizations that focus on healthy brain development in newborns to social enterprises that bring economic stability to Honduras to 50-year-old brands in need of a new audience.



“I believe that we can bend culture toward the beautiful. That is what we try to do at FiveStone for ourselves and with our clients.”



Why I Started FiveStone

We started FiveStone with the goal of helping people—including me—see the world in a different way.

We wanted to partner with and serve companies who were creating positive impact through their organizations. Our belief was that if we could bring strategic design, branding, and communication to these types of companies and organizations, then we could increase their positive impact.

Our work falls inside the human-centered design tradition. That means the person we design for is always the focus of our solutions so that the end result best serves those who need it. And while the things we make vary from project to project, the question we ask maintains a consistent thread: How do we move someone from an existing situation to a preferred one in order to make the world a better place?


Finding My Way

During my first years out of college, and in my first few jobs, I gave little to no thought to what a job said about me, who I was, and what I was uniquely equipped to do. Work was a four-letter word. What I did Monday through Friday was a way to make as much money as possible so that I could provide for my family, have nice things, and live a life of comfort.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with making money or having nice things or providing for one’s family. In and of themselves, these ideas don’t bother me. But what I couldn’t shake was the feeling that there was more for me.

The journey to discover what else was out their for me changed how I saw the world. As a result, the way I functioned shifted. Instead of focusing on how much money I could make or getting ahead at work, I wrestled with how I could better steward my gifts. And so my thoughts about work went from a “What’s in it for me?” mentality to one that asks, “How can I serve others and make the world a better place?”

Throughout the journey, I have invited others to help: my wife, Heather, longtime friends, co-workers, clients, and partners. Together, we collaborate for change and to forge a new path that will make a positive impact now and long after we are gone.

I believe that we can bend culture toward the beautiful. That is what we try to do at FiveStone for ourselves and with our clients.

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