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Stories Don’t Cut It

There’s no shortage of books talking about the importance of story, and for good reason. Effective storytelling is an important tool for your organization. But … Storytelling is not enough.

If you want an organization that creates long-term positive impact, then you need more than clever stories. You need to create meaning through narrative.

In Culture-Bending Narratives, Jason Locy takes you through the process of moving beyond the fundamentals of storytelling and into a deeper conversation around the power of narrative. With narrative, your organization can challenge the way others see the world and invite them on a journey to discovering a deeper purpose and meaning.

In the end, you will leave with a new way of thinking that weaves your organization’s desire for a better world throughout all you do.



“Narratives give us the promise of something better. They give us hope that something is around the corner…”



Pointing Towards Positive Impact

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four points of brand perception

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how we spend our days

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Who is FiveStone?

FiveStone started in 2001 with the vision that design can lead people to long-term, sustainable change that creates positive impact. We want to challenge assumptions, change behavior, and create a better world.

Since we started, we have designed moments of change for over 230 organizations, social enterprises, and brands. From organizations that focus on healthy brain development in newborns to social enterprises that bring economic stability to Honduras to 50-year-old brands in need of new visual language.  

All are examples of real change brought about through our work.

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